eBook: “My daughter wants to be a pitcher! What do I do now?”


With over 30 years of coaching, Charlene Rogers has mastered the Fast Pitch.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, then you have come to the right place. Fastpitch softball has been around since 1887 but it was originally a sport for men and designed around men. This game has gradually shifted to women and is now becoming a very prominent women’s sport. It has continued this rapid growth not only nationwide but also internationally as well. This has caused a severe deficiency in the coaching arena, especially in youth leagues. We have seen an influx of well-meaning parents taking on this overwhelming task and doing their best. Unfortunately, pitching fastpitch softball can be dangerous if not taught correctly. The increase in injuries to young ladies learning to pitch is rising with the popularity of this wonderful sport. In this book I will show techniques in pitching, go over proper ways to reduce or eliminate injury's caused by improper pitching.   This book is great for Pitchers, Parents and coaches.


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