As a softball pitcher you should know that your position on the team is probably the most important. When team fill out their roster, the first thing they look for is great pitching. Pitchers then should know that they need to be good students of the game and be aware of what is needed from them in the different situations that can take place during a game. Pitchers usually are the difference maker in a game and so if they don’t have their A game, then chances are their team won’t be victorious. The following softball pitching tips are good pointers for the position and give pitchers a good heads up on how they should approach their craft.

Tip 1 – Throwing a fastball. Use two points to keep your arm properly aligned. Your biceps brush your ear at the top of the backswing, and your pitching hand brushes your hip at release.

Tip 2 – Throwing a curve-ball. Pitchers should know that in order to maximize the curve, you should visualize a series of dots from the mound to the outside corner of the plate. Pitch along those dots.

Tip 3 – Throwing a fastpitch rise. It’s possible that your wrist snap may be sideways. Play with different grips or finger pressures and try to relax them.

Tip 4 – Throwing a change-up. Don’t always throw the change-up in a given situation. Make sure to change your pitch selection.

Tip 5 – Throwing a drop-ball. Keep your pitching arm close to your body to avoid injury.