Ponytail Power Pitching Clinic
At 70 MPH There’s Nothing Soft About It.
Our goal is to educate young ladies in all aspects of the game, from learning to throw and pitch correctly to having a positive attitude toward the game, other players and life in general. But more than anything, we want to teach these young ladies how to pitch without causing injury to themselves. A pitcher is only as good as her body will let her be. To be a good pitcher, one must be healthy. So if you are looking for a fast, learn to pitch in a month instructor, well then, we are not for you.   The years in which a young lady does most of her pitching are also the years in which her body is developing more than ever. It is a critical time in her life and making sure that she is not causing any undo stress on herself we only allow each student to advance to the point that her body tells us that she is ready for. Starting out with the basics and moving along with her development is key to preventing serious, long-term injuries.   Our pitching clinic is free and open to the public. You can get the same information and techniques (some say better) without the cost. We meet every Sunday (Except the first Sunday of the month) at The Lincoln County Park in Vale, NC (see the link for directions) from 2pm until 5pm. There is no cost for this clinic except patience if we have a large crowd. We look forward to seeing you!